Christmas Check-Up

Are you looking forward to channelling your inner Clark Griswald this holiday season?
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As  you and your family head into the Christmas Season, and you feel the urge to dig out the Christmas lights, think of the lessons that your favourite holiday movies teach you.

The watch like horror films for your home's electrical infrastructure. From overloaded outlets, to bad wiring, to poor exterior light choices, our holiday movies are littered with electrical disasters.

Old Wiring

A Christmas Story

Wiring that may get you through the rest of the year may let you down at the most inopportune time over the holidays.

Especially in older homes, we tend to forget about the history of the wiring.  Often the wiring has been worked on by multiple electricians over the years, renovations and different levels of maintenance have affected it, and if you haven't had a professional look it over, you may have dangers hidden behind your walls, waiting for Christmas dinner to make themselves known.

Overloaded Outlets

Christmas Vacation

Over the holidays, you will be tempted to overuse power bars, extend extension cords and use those neglected outdoor outlets for the first time in a year.  They all come with their own risks, and if you're not diligent about the health of your home's electrical system, you'll be left in the dark on the jolliest of holidays.

Danger to Pets

Christmas Vacation

Christmas trees are full of beautiful, bright, swinging lights.  Perfect toys for your cat.  It's important to hang them well, careful to keep them out of your pet's grasp.

Your home's electrical system does not end at the outlet.  It extends out from the wall, snakes across your floor, and climbs up your Christmas tree.

Anywhere along the way, you could be at risk of frayed wires, loose connections, faulty bulbs or electronics.   All of these can be dangerous for you, your pets and your children.

Outdoor Outlets

Christmas Vacation

Electricity and the outdoors don't mix well.  Rain, moisture, dust, ice and snow find their way into everything, and when they do, the results can be shocking, to say the least.  So before you unravel that ball of Christmas lights, and before you climb that ladder, let's make sure that you won't be disappointed at the source. Your outdoor outlets.


Because your electrical system lies behind the walls, it's easy to forget about it, ignore it, and subsequently, be surprised by it when it lets us down.  We can help you ensure that you have a safe and worry-free holiday season.