UPDATES & installations


Keeping your home's nervous system in tip-top shape is what we do.


Aluminum wire upgrades

No need to re-wire your entire home, copper pig tails are the answer! (It sounds a lot cuter than it really is, but it works!)

Panel Upgrades

A healthy electrical panel is the heart of your home’s nervous system.  Problems at the panel can cause problems in every system & appliance in your home.  We will make sure that your panel is up-to-date and problem-free.


Dishwashers & Appliances

Installing appliances can be a pain, let us take care of your appliance installations so you can be sure they are done well and won’t cause problems in the future.

Video Camera Security

Canadian winters are brutal on easy-to-install battery operated cameras.  The only real answer is to hard-wire your video cameras

Light Fixture Installation

Ceilings are tough to work with.  Which makes installing light-fixtures tough work. Let us help you cleanly and professionally update your home’s light fixtures so you can live worry-free.

Smart Home Systems

Electric Car Charging

Have Questions?

We are always here to answer your questions, give advice and hear about your upcoming renovation or installation.  Give us a call or send us a note.