5 Reasons why you need smart lights

Smart lights are a great opportunity to both make your life a little easier and increase the security of your home.


Home w/ Exterior LIghts

With the Lutron Caseta smart light system you can create custom scenes to mimic your routine while you are away from home or on vacation.  This gives the impression to potential burglars that you are home and deter them from attempting a break-in.

This is accomplished by randomly turning on and off lights in your house in a way that reproduces the movements of people moving from room to room in your house throughout the course of the evening.

2: Hands Free Operation

Google Home Smart Speaker

With the advent of smart-speakers, it's now possible for you to simply talk to your lights and control them.  And who of us hasn't wanted to live in the future and enjoy that level of convenience.  Being able to simply speak to turn on lights as you walk into a room is helpful when you have your hands full or don't have a phone handy or don't want to hunt for a wall switch in the dark.

3: Automation

Home Automation

One of the biggest advantages of smart lights is the ability to automate simple tasks.

For example:

  • Turn on specific lights in the morning 10 minutes before your alarm goes off.

  • Turn off all lights in the house at a specific time, or with a simple command at night.

  • Turn lights on or off when you are arriving at home or leaving home.

4: Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient LED Lightbulb

Rather than leaving your lights on constantly when you are away.  We can design a system for you that will react to when you are home and only turn on your lights when you need them.

Along with the use of high-efficiency LED bulbs, we can make a substantial dent into your monthly electric bill.

5: Control when away from home

Energy Efficient LED Lightbulb

When you're away, you can still stay connected to your home through your mobile phone.  Being able to see which lights are on, or off can give you an added sense of security and awareness of what's happening in your home. As well as being able to control the various smart features of your home from anywhere.