Smart Doobell Cameras

Elegant, easy-to-install, well-engineered and feature-rich, the NEST Hello is a refined, elegant and unobtrusive addition to your front door. The Nest Hello doorbell comes in at a slim 4.6 x 1.7 x 1inches, with rounded corners making it the easiest to place doorbell of our tests.   This does however mean that it doesn’t have room for a battery and that  … Read More

Amazon Alexa

Connect Alexa and Caseta and manage your smart home controls with just your voice. Adjust your lighting, change the temperature, raise and lower your custom motorized shades and even DJ the music, all with just your voice.

Custom Outdoor Lighting brings a new Dimension to your Home

With spring on its way, (I hope!) it’s time to start thinking about creating your perfect outdoor space. More and more families are shifting their focus from the inside of their home to the outside. This has been a trend in warmer clients for a long time, but even here in Snowmageddon, ahem, I mean Ontario, folks are wanting to … Read More

Planning Switches in a Renovation

There are many factors to consider when planning a renovation. There are so many factors in fact, that you may find you overlook the simple things, like switches, believing they don’t require any planning at all. In reality, this fact could not be farther from the truth. Check out our latest #TipTuesday video to see what you need to consider … Read More

Who Can Benefit from Smart Home Lighting

Smart home lighting is beneficial for so many reasons, including helping individuals and families simplify and streamline their lives. The list of benefits continues, and we have touched on these in past blogs and videos, but today I want to focus on WHO smart home lighting benefits. SPOILER ALERT! Smart home lighting benefits EVERYONE!!! Check out the #TipTuesday video below … Read More

Google Home Smart Speaker

Hands-free help from the Google Assistant. Get answers, play songs, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment and control your smart home with just your voice.

Sonos One Smart Speaker

Easily enjoy seamless music control by simply having a Sonos speaker, a Smart Bridge and a Pico audio remote. Add drama by adding Caseta dimmers and then creating the perfect scene with lights and music at the touch of a button via the Lutron Caseta app.