Take the pot out of potlights

Pot lights are the lighting staple for many home improvement projects. From man-caves, to creative lighting options in hallways and kitchens, they offer unobtrusive light in locations where other lighting options would be inconvenient or impossible.


For decades now. Pot lights have gone unchanged.  And while they have always been an excellent choice for creative lighting situations, the progress being made with LED lighting technologies has benefited pot lights in a much more profound way than traditional lighting fixtures.

Traditional Pot Lights

The average pot light comes with significant restrictions on where and how it can be installed. Typically being recessed between 4" and 6" into the ceiling.  In addition to this, they require a junction box, and need to be secured to a joist.  This  means that not only, are you limited by what lies behind your drywall, but also by the the number and placement of joists in your ceiling.

Generally speaking, this results in a 35% reduction on your freedom to place lights where you want in your home.

Potlight Diagram



The 4" LED rcessed light comes in at just 1/2" deep.   Making it by far the slimmest recessed light available.  Not only does this increase your options for placing and installing lights in your home, but it also reduces installation cost & time.

LED recessed lights can be placed directly under studs with no issue, giving you 100% control and flexibility in placement options when designing your rooms.

In addition to the greater flexibility these lights provide, they are also far more energy efficient than traditional pot lights, with far less of the wasted heat energy that halogen lamps use, requiring less frequent replacement.

Finding the right dimmer

We recommend matching your new LED recessed lights with the right dimmer switch for maximum control and the ability to dim incrementally right down to 1% or 2%.

Because of their reduced energy usage, LED lights are very sensitive to dimmer switches and choosing the right switch is important.  We have tested LED pot lights extensively with 1 or 2 Lutron dimmers for the best look and functionality.

Without the proper matching dimmer, your LED lights may appear to POP on and off rather than dimmer smoothly and evenly.