WHY DIY electrical work is a bad idea

WHY DIY electrical work is a bad idea

Attacking your electrical work yourself may seem like an empowering, fun idea, but there’s a whole host of reasons why it should be left to the professionals.


The most obvious hazard to trying to do your own electrical work. The danger is real, and often fatal. Every year there are hundreds of injuries and fatalities in Canada attributed to unqualified DIY electrical projects. The voltage in ordinary residential electrical wiring can be life threatening.

While not fatal, an electrical shock can lead to seizures, heart attacks or other health issues. Not to mention give you and your family a hell of a scare.

If you somehow manage to come through the project unscathed, that is no guarantee that you did a good job, and the risk of sparks and fire are a very real possibility.


Most people take on doing their own electrical work as a cost-saving measure. The reality is often quite the opposite.

The time investment in googling how-to’s and watching Youtube clips trying to figure out how to do your own electrical work can can add hours or days to your home renovation project. Additionally, having to re-do work that you’ve made mistakes on can be costly in both time and materials.

Often homeowners insurance will typically ask for confirmation that the electrical work was performed by a licensed electrician before covering any damage related to your home’s electrical system. If your insurance carrier learns that you did the work yourself, you could lose your claim and even invalidate your entire insurance policy.

experience & knowledge

We know a lot because we’ve seen a lot. No amount of googling will trump decades of hands on experience and training.

Working with a professional affords you the peace-of-mind of knowing that your home is safe and your electrical system will be reliable and fail-safe.

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